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Sky Muster Educational Services - End User Overview

nbn is pleased to provide the Sky Muster Educational Service, a service that supports educational needs of the students of distance education services. Download the End User Guide here!

Results are in: Costs too high - for too long.

The greatest educational disadvantage faced by many families in remote and isolated locations is the lack of access to an appropriate secondary education compared to those residing in urban areas.

Boarding School Survey - Key Findings

The findings of ICPA (Aust)'s Boarding School Survey have been published and will be presented and discussed at Parliament House, Canberra on Monday 2nd May. Access your copy of the survey results here.

Registrations open for the 2016 ICPA Federal Conference!

ICPA WA looks forward to welcoming you to their state and they are confident you will have a most memorable and enjoyable conference! #ICPAconf16

Federal Conference Motions Update

Since the 2015 Federal Conference held in Brisbane Federal Council has undertaken a variety of actions to pursue the issues that were raised through members' motions.

Compulsory Education Increase to the AIC Boarding Allowance

Much has changed since the AIC scheme was first introduced in 1973; the duration of compulsory education has increased and accessing regional term hostels has decreased due to continual closures. Changes are needed to ensure this allowance meets the needs of families in the twenty-first century.

Upcoming Events

Federal Conference - Agenda Motions

June 14, 2016
Agenda Motions are to be in the hands of the Federal Secretary by midnight 14th June, 2016.

Federal Conference - Registration

August 1, 2016
Registration for Federal Conference closes on 1st August, 2016.

Federal Conference - Supplementary Motions

August 2, 2016
Supplementary Motions for Federal Conference are to be with the Federal Secretary by midnight 2nd August, 2016.

45th Annual ICPA Federal Conference

August 10, 2016 - Aug 11 2016
Download your ICPA Federal Conference Registration & Information Forms here! #ICPAconf16

2016 Qld State Conference

September 6, 2016 - Sep 7 2016
The ICPA-QLD State Annual Conference is to be held from 6th - 7th September 2016 in Alpha. As our small town offers limited accommodation, we are extremely excited to be welcoming Tent City to Alpha for the conference. Read on to find out more about travel and accommodation.



Learn about the Distance Education Teaching Allowance below.