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The election campaign is on the downhill run and rural and remote education has not yet been discussed. Read more.

Learn about the Distance Education Teaching Allowance below.



Agenda Motions Now Available

The 2016 Federal Conference Agenda Motions are now available to download.

ICPA welcomes Election Announcement

ICPA welcomes the announcement made by Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce at the National Press Club on the 22nd June that the Coalition will commit to changes which will assist our rural and remote students.

2 Weeks Out, Where's The Rural Education Conversation?

The election campaign is on the downhill run and rural and remote education has not yet been discussed. Neither Party has addressed the important issues that affect students in the bush nor advised what plans will be put in place to stop families leaving their homes and livelihood to access an affordable education for their children.

Sky Muster Educational Services - End User Overview

nbn is pleased to provide the Sky Muster Educational Service, a service that supports educational needs of the students of distance education services. Download the End User Guide here!

Results are in: Costs too high - for too long.

The greatest educational disadvantage faced by many families in remote and isolated locations is the lack of access to an appropriate secondary education compared to those residing in urban areas.

Boarding School Survey - Key Findings

The findings of ICPA (Aust)'s Boarding School Survey have been published and will be presented and discussed at Parliament House, Canberra on Monday 2nd May. Access your copy of the survey results here.

Federal Conference Motions Update

Since the 2015 Federal Conference held in Brisbane Federal Council has undertaken a variety of actions to pursue the issues that were raised through members' motions.

Upcoming Events

Federal Conference - Supplementary Motions

August 2, 2016
Supplementary Motions for Federal Conference are to be with the Federal Secretary by midnight 2nd August, 2016.

45th Annual ICPA Federal Conference

August 10, 2016 - Aug 11 2016
Catch up on all the latest news about Federal Conference! Download your Registration & Information Forms here! #ICPAconf16

2016 Qld State Conference

September 6, 2016 - Sep 7 2016
The ICPA-QLD State Annual Conference is to be held from 6th - 7th September 2016 in Alpha. As our small town offers limited accommodation, we are extremely excited to be welcoming Tent City to Alpha for the conference. Read on to find out more about travel and accommodation.

5th Rural and Remote Health Scientific Symposium

September 6, 2016 - Sep 7 2016
The 5th Rural and Remote Health Scientific Symposium will be held in Canberra, on 6 and 7 September 2016. With dynamic, expert speakers, this 2-day symposium aims to bring together both researchers and policy makers to discuss the current and emerging issues that shape rural and remote health.