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Welcome to the Lightning Ridge - Goodooga page.

Lightning Ridge Branch was formed in March 1991. A group of 15 people attended the first meeting with Mrs Joan Treweeke as guest speaker. Delegates were sent from the first meeting to State and Federal Conferences. Following the attendance at these conferences, Lightning Ridge was to host the 1993 ICPA State Conference.

The Lightning Ridge Bowling Club had promised that the extensions would be finished, but we ended up having the Conference in the middle of renovations. Nevertheless, it was a fabulous experience. The members rallied around and Walgett and Goodooga branches helped in many ways.

Over the years our branch has grown and worked together. We have sent delegates to both State and Federal Conferences and can only strive to reach more goals and learn from every hurdle that comes our way.

In recent years, the popular Lightning Ridge poets, Patricia and Amanda Moorehouse, have entertained delegates and guests at the post conference dinners with their book of poetry being launched at the Narrabri conference in 2000.

GOODOOGA branch was originally formed in the mid 1970's, but ran into some difficulties, and after a couple of years decided to amalgamate with Brewarrina. This move wasn't a great success, as due to the distance and bad road it was difficult to attend meetings and help cater for functions.

A meeting was called in Goodooga in November 1984 to discuss forming our own branch once again. Office bearers were elected and thirteen families joined the group. Our first President was Mrs Pop Peterson, Secretary was Mrs Kay Gibbons and Treasurer Mr Bill McCumstie.

We are an extremely busy and highly motivated little group and in no time were financial enough to send delegates to State and Federal Conferences. We helped cater for the State Conference in Walgett in 1986 and helped with registration and catering in Lightning Ridge in 1993.

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