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Welcome to the Clermont page.

Welcome to the Clermont Branch Home Page. Please scroll down until you reach your area of interest.

The Clermont Branch has an average of 40 member families each year, with children at small schools, Schools of Distance Education (Capricornia and Charters Towers), Boarding Schools and Tertiary Institutions. Meetings are held quarterly either in Clermont or at Kilcummin. We welcome any interested families to our meetings. We are happy for children to attend meetings and often obtain the assistance of the RAFS (Remote Area Families Service) personnel to run a playgroup during the meeting.

For more information please contact any of the Executive listed below.

Small Schools

  • Teacher/student ratio
  • Administrative workload of teaching Principals
  • The By-pass Schools Project

Distance Education

  • Curriculum and DE paper content as it relates to rural families
  • Timelines for DE paper upgrades.

Financial Assistance

  • Allowances – AIC, LAFHA, conveyancing
  • Financial assistance to enable rural students to study at a tertiary level.

The Inaugural meeting of the Clermont Branch of ICPA was held on 15th July 1972 and the branch was the 30th ICPA Branch to be formed in Queensland. The meeting was called by Charles Jago and chaired by Shire Chairman Jim Turner, 75 people attended, most of whom were parents of correspondence students, “as their need was so great”.

The Inaugural Executive were: -

  • President - Barbara Nicholas
  • Secretary - Pam Wall
  • Treasurer – Sue Jago.

Branch Presidents:-
Barbara Nicholas, Bea Tighe, Charles Jago
Del Luke, Cynthia Daniels, Raye O’Sullivan
Adele Hughes, Rhonwen Tighe, Jan Burnett.

The Branch has sent delegates to many Federal Conferences and most State Conferences over the years. Members have taken motions to conferences with much success.

Clermont has hosted 3 State Conferences:-

  • Emerald – 1978
  • Rockhampton – 1981 (co-hosted)
  • Clermont – 1990

Branch members who have held positions on State Council:-

  • Barbara Nicholas - Committee 1975 – 1977
  • Jennie Purvis - Committee 1977 – 1980
  • Bea Tighe -Committee 1981 – 1983
  • Charles Jago - Committee 1985 –1986
  • Adele Hughes - Committee 1994 – 1995; Assistant Secretary 1995 – 1999; Publicity Officer 1999 – 2003; News & Views Editor 1999 – 2003

Allowance success ……
In the 1970’s, many parents were forced to take their children away from Boarding Schools for financial reasons. Allowances were very meagre at this time and the government was unaware of the problems faced by isolated parents. A Submission was presented to the State Minister for Education when he visited Clermont and allowances were subsequently increased. The Correspondence Allowance was established.

Activity Days led to Outreaches being commenced …..
The students studying by correspondence didn’t have many opportunities to socialise in the early days, so a Christmas Break-up picnic was organised, this was a huge success and from this the Activity Days were devised. Families would come to town once a month and the very talented mothers taught art, craft, drama and sport to the children. The Regional Director of Education for the South West, Mr Cyril Connell, brought teachers from the School of the Air in Charleville to meet the Clermont children at one of these days. He was so impressed that in future, Activity Days were conducted by the teachers and became part of the curriculum.

Establishment of SDE’s …….
The Branch moved a Motion at the 1977 State Conference held in Longreach requesting “the Primary Correspondence School be decentralised”. This motion was passed, but it took many years for Schools of Distance Education to become a reality. Children in the Clermont area had to wait until 1993 when the Capricornia School of Distance Education was finally opened.

Sports Camp - an annual event and a huge effort ……
Parents realised that a huge need existed for children from small schools and the Schools of Distance Education to be taught sporting skills, especially team sports, so a group of members took over the coordination of the annual Sports Camp, which had been organised by the Mobile Classroom teachers during previous years, and in 1993, by the Kilcummin P&C Association. The first ICPA Sports' Camp was run in 1994, coordinated by Raye O’Sullivan and has become an annual event since then.

It has been held at various locations (Clermont, Capella and Emerald) to enable children from many schools to attend – they come from the small schools of Kilcummin, Mistake Creek, Comet, Gindi, Tresswell, Lochington, Acadia Valley, Clarke Creek, Valkyrie, Mackenzie River and the Capricornia and Charters Towers Schools of Distance Education.

The camp is held in September and 80 –100 students in years 4 - 7 attend. It is an intense 5 days of coaching in a variety of team sports with fully accredited coaches. The mothers do an amazing job of organising and running this camp - they obtain funding support, coordinate coaches and transport, plan all the activities and timetables, cook all the meals, tend to any medical needs supervise childrens' accommodation.

In 1996 the Clermont ICPA was awarded a “Certificate of Commendation” by the Department of Sports, Tourism and Racing for their efforts in establishing and running Sports Camp. Springsure Branch ran the camp from 2001 to 2003, but Clermont was asked to take back the coordination in 2004 on a three yearly rotational basis between the two branches.

‘Country Hospitality Cookbook’ ………
In 1978, at the Emerald Conference, the branch became aware of the huge financial burden placed on State Councillors, so “Country Hospitality”, the Clermont ICPA recipe book, was born. President Bea Tighe suggested the title and members submitted recipes. Jennie Purvis was the coordinator for many years. Over 13,000 copies have been sold and it is now in its 13th printing.

VISE area commencement …..
The Branch assisted VISE (Volunteers for Isolated Students Education) to commence operations in the area.

Student teacher practicums ….
In coordination with Central Queensland University branch members helped organise student teachers to do their 3rd year teaching practicum in rural areas. It was hoped this would help encourage more teachers to apply for rural placements on completion of their course.

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