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Welcome to the Nebo page.

Established 13th November 1977


In 2009, the Nebo branch celebrates a proud 31 year tradition of involvement within ICPA. The formation of the Nebo branch ICPA was the outcome of a meeting convened by Mr John Onley, on 13 November 1977. The inaugural meeting was attended by twenty-one local and supporting district parents, who were interested in the work that ICPA was already doing for the education of isolated children. Guest speakers were Mr. Mark Stoneman and Mr. Lach Tindall, who were members of the ICPA State Executive. They discussed the association’s achievements, objectives, finances, and answered questions posed by the meeting. In response to the information received the Nebo ICPA Branch was formed, and the first branch executives were:

  • Mrs Mary Stuart (President)
  • Mrs Marj Baulch and Mrs. Lyn Scantlebury (Vice Presidents)
  • Mrs Carol Cunningham declared Secretary/Treasurer on a temporary basis. Mrs. Gwen Thompson filled this position later on.

Annual Fees were set at this inaugural meeting being - $10.00 ($5.00 Branch, $2.00 State and $3.00 Federal)

Nebo is an active and progressive branch. It enthusiastically encourages new families with early childhood issues right through to those with tertiary issues, to attend branch meetings and to become ICPA members. The Nebo branch has a large catchment area taking in a huge geographical area within the Isaac Region which includes the towns/areas of Nebo, Glenden, Coppabella, and Valkyrie, as well as many smaller places in between. As we have a lot of members travelling long distances to attend meetings, it was decided to alternate meetings between Nebo, Coppabella and Valkyrie throughout the year. This shares the burden of travelling between members.

Since our formation we have tried to assist both State and Federal Councils in their endeavours to improve the education of isolated children, by making annual donations. To date our branch has donated many dollars to both State and Federal council. We also try to financially assist other branches, whenever we see a real need.


  • Nebo Branch purchased of a photocopier for the Lone Members Portfolio, when the State councillor for this portfolio lived in Coen. This same machine moved around the state as different councillors took on the position of Lone Members Portfolio leader.
  • Nebo Branch sent Carmel Chalmers to ‘Fremantle’, Western Australia, and paid her return airfare when she put in her bid for the position of Pedals Editor. Carmel changed the look of our Federal magazine to the successful, informative print that it is today.
  • Nebo branch, with the willing assistance and support of surrounding branches, has hosted two State Conferences:
  1. The first (15th Annual Conference) was held in Mackay at the Ooralea Race Course on 16th and 17th October 1986.
  2. The second (26th Annual Conference) was held in Yeppoon at Capricorn International Resort on 14th and 15th October 1997.

The success of these conferences proved that distance, size and location of the branches, holds no barriers. Thank you to neighbouring branches for the support at both conferences.

  • Nebo Branch hosted the State Councillors' Regional meeting in Nebo on the 23rd and 24th February 2002, which coincided with our branch's 25th Anniversary.
  • Nebo Branch hosts a Biennial Variety Concert which brings the whole district together, and gives children and adults a chance to exhibit their talent. Since 1983, this concert has been a major fundraiser for the Nebo Branch and provides an opportunity for local schools, individuals and organisations to perform for their community, and present an enjoyable night of memorable moments.

Over the years, Nebo branch has been fortunate enough to have had, representation at nearly all State and Federal Conferences. Our branch plans to continue this trend in the future.



  • Mrs Susie Whitehead February 2002


  • Mrs Susie Whitehead was presented at the Atherton Conference 2000 for commitment to isolated children’s needs and education.

Our record membership has reached 45 members and the branch continues to flourish due to strong leadership, a healthy membership and an energetic committee. In 2008, our branch was pleased to see younger members accept executive positions, and their drive, enthusiasm and positive attitudes, has encouraged more new members. These new executive members would also like to take this opportunity to thank the branch’s more wise and long time members, for their mentorship, assistance and encouragement.

Our branch aims to address the issue of equitable access to educational opportunities for all children in rural and remote Australia, and to ensure children are not disadvantaged by where they live in this great country. Areas of interest for our branch include all facets of education from pre-school to tertiary, as well as:

  • Small schools
  • Distance education
  • Boarding schools
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Priority Country Area Program.
  • Allowances (associated with boarding at secondary and tertiary levels, and the conveyance allowance)

Armed with an ICPA flag, aprons, caps and our newly introduced shirts embroidered prominently with the ICPA logo, we cater for various functions, and have done so for many years. With support from local community organisations including the Nebo Bushman’s Carnival, Oben Wide Youth Group, Landmark and Braeside Saleyards, we are able to commit to a number of events throughout the year. We are thankful for our strong relationship with these community organisations, and thank them for the opportunity to raise funds and promote ICPA in the wider community.

At the 2008 Biennial Variety Concert our branch launched their own stubby coolers, and this was well supported by the local community. The coolers are available in a number of colours and are on sale at all Nebo Branch fundraising events. They are a branch initiative introduced to assist with raising funds for the travel costs associated with sending delegates to State and Federal Conferences. We would like to thank the Nebo Bushman’s Carnival for their continued support and for allowing our organisation to sell our coolers at their Annual Nebo Rodeo, because this has proven to be a very profitable activity.

Also in 2008, the Nebo Branch obtained financial assistance to purchase a popcorn maker machine to use at the Variety Concerts and at local community fundraising events, from the Hail Creek Coal Mine Nebo Community Benefits Scheme. We wish to thank the Hail Creek Mine for their generous support.


  • Mrs Susie Whitehead
  • Mr Alex Stuart
  • Mrs Penny Wallace (Our branch claims ownership of this councillor because she was a member of Mt. Coolan branch, before she became a member of the Nebo branch)

Nebo Branch warmly welcomes new members, and continues to be an active branch of the ICPA. The branch works towards one common goal, and that is to achieve the best possible education for our children. We are also proud to mention that many of our original branch members are still involved in the Nebo branch today.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our State and Federal Councillors for the wonderful job they do. We are grateful for all the time you give, your dedication and for continuing to persevere. Your hard work ensures that our association’s profile is well respected and is held in high regard by Government and Education departments. Our isolated children’s education has come a long way since ICPA began some 30+ years ago, but we know we cannot become complacent because there is still a lot of work to be done in order to ensure that all isolated children have equal access to education.

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