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Welcome to the North East page.

The North East Branch of ICPA in South Australia has a proud history of service to isolated families of the area. The very first meeting was held at Yunta in the CWA Recreation Hut on Sunday 10th September 1972. The Branch membership is drawn from a wide area encompassing the towns of Cockburn, Olary, Mannahill, Yunta, Burra, Hallet and Peterborough.

The achievements of ICPA in gaining for all geographically isolated students a greater equality of access to educational opportunities is now well known. The N.E. Branch has made a great contribution to those achievements. The Branch has been represented at every Federal and State Conference since the inception of the Association. This representation has been valuable both for our own members and for the organisation.

In addition to representation within State and Federal bodies of ICPA, the N.E. Branch has had members representing ICPA in many diverse areas, including Open Access education, student accommodation, post compulsory education, rural industry and training to name but a few. Members have developed considerable expertise in dealing with decision-makers at all levels and have used that expertise to forge a better deal for the children of the bush.

The Branch has done some major fundraising to ensure that we can continue to send delegates to both Federal and State Conferences. We have held woolshed dances and catered for various things over the years. Since 1997 we have presented children in the Branch a book voucher on completion of their primary years.

The N.E. Branch is dedicated to helping rural and remote children gain equality of education and to have the same educational opportunities our city friends do.

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