Federal Conference Reports 2014 - Launceston

ICPA holds an annual Federal Conference hosted by one of the State ICPA groups. Here is where you will find all the reports presented during the most recent Federal Conference. 

7th August, 2014

Judy Newton, ICPA Federal President, reflects on the year gone past for Federal Council and its dealings with a new Coalition government.

President's Report -- Federal 2014

8th August, 2014

Duncan Taylor, New South Wales ICPA President's report follows.

President's Report -- New South Wales 2014

8th August, 2014

Sally Sullivan, Northern Territory President, delivered a comprehensive report on the concerns reagrding equity of eduction for rural and remote students within the Northern Territory.

President's Report -- Northern Territory 2014

7th August, 2014

Queensland ICPA President, Andrew Pegler's report follows.

President's Report -- Queensland 2014

8th August, 2014

Lisa Hunt, South Australian ICPA President, outlines the problems facing South Australian families in ther report.

President's Report -- South Australia 2014

7th August, 2014

This year's Federal Conference has been held in Launceston, Tasmania and has been hosted by the Tasmanian State ICPA Council.  Please read Kate Thompson, Tasmania's ICPA President's report.

President's Report -- Tasmania 2014

8th August, 2014

Liz Sudlow, Western Australia President, talks about how members are coping with the Year 7 transition into high school in Western Australia.

President's Report -- Western Australia 2014

8th August, 2014

Raelene Hall, Editor and Publisher of the ICPA National magazine, Pedals, presented the following report at conference.

Pedal's Report 2014

8th August, 2014

Sue Shotton, ICPA Website Manager, informed the members present of the delevopment of a revamped website and the creation of new state websites thanks to the generous grant from the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal.

Website Manager's Report 2014

27th November, 2014

These are the minutes of the 43rd Annual Conference held in Launceston, Tasmania in 2014

43rd Annual Conference -- Minutes 2014

27th June, 2014

These are the revised minutes of the 42nd Annual Conference held in Glenelg, South Australia in 2013.

42nd Annual Conference -- Revised Minutes