Federal Media Releases (archived)

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16th November, 2015

Youth Allowance Means Testing Arrangements

Federal President, Mrs Wendy Hick said, “Parents are jumping for joy and many are overcome with emotion as they pass on the news to their year 12 graduates, that their dreams of a tertiary education will now come true!”

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Media Release Youth Allowance 2015

24th September, 2015

ICPA Queensland Media Release
Increase to assist essential boarding school access applauded. 

The recent announcement in Cloncurry by the Minister for Education, Kate Jones, of a further increase to the Living Away From Home Allowance Scheme (LAFHAS) by 5% is welcomed by Isolated Children’s and Parents’ Association Queensland (ICPA).

ICPA QLD Media Release 14.09.2015

23rd August, 2015

There is no mistaking the passion that country families have when it comes to educating their children. Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association (ICPA) members and guests put forward their concerns and suggested solutions at the annual federal conference held in Brisbane.

Newly elected ICPA Federal President, Wendy Hick, said issues receiving the most debate this year were the need for a substantial increase in the Assistance for Isolated Children’s (AIC) Boarding Allowance for students who need to board away from home in order to access education, recognition and financial assistance for distance education home tutors and adequate telecommunication systems in rural and remote areas.

Time for Action in Rural Education

13th April, 2015

New Ambassador Gives Hope For Old Crusade

The Isolated Children's Parents' Association (ICPA) of Australia's long running quest to achieve a Distance Education Teaching Allowance took a huge step forward recently with the appointment of (DETA) ambassador, Catherine Marriott.

DETA Media Release April 2015

31st July, 2014

Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association (ICPA) 43rd Federal Conference.

Uniting under this year’s theme “Together Towards Tomorrow” branch representatives will travel from as far afield as the Kimberley in the north west of the country, to Alice Springs in the centre and Broken Hill in western New South Wales, to tackle the many challenges facing rural and remote students today.

ICPA Federal Conference Media Release July 2014

16th June, 2014

Scholarships Must Prioritise Bush Kids

The Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association of Australia (ICPA Aust) calls for greater access to tertiary education for rural and remote students. Rural and remote families across the country are fighting for their children’s right to atiend university after recent federal budget announcements indicate a significant rise in the cost of tertiary education is imminent.

Scholarships Essential for Bush Kids June 2014

4th March, 2014

Tertiary Education Out of Reach For Country Kids

The hope of a tertiary education for Australia's rural and remote students grows more unattainable each year under the government's existing Youth Allowance provisions.

A recent survey commissioned by the Federal Council of the Isolated Children's Parents' Association (ICPA) examining the key factors limiting rural and remote youth from accessing tertiary education, cited the financial cost of moving away from home to study as their main obstacle.

Tertiary Education Out of Reach for Country Kids - March 2014

26th February, 2014

Access Denied! - Early Learning NO GO for Bush Kids

They are just as cute, just as smart and just as keen to start school as their urban counterparts, but Australia’s rural and remote four year olds, whose only access to early childhood learning is by distance education, are just not able to enter the early childhood education arena. By failing to extend the Assistance for Isolated Children scheme to include four year olds, the Federal Government continues to deny these families affordable entry to early education.

AIC for 4 year olds 19 Feb 2014

20th August, 2013

Outback students ignored yet again as policies are released.

Election Neglection! Families in rural and remote Australia are yet to hear one single promise that will help alleviate the crushing financial burden faced by them, as they struggle to meet the rising cost of educating their children.

ICPA Election Policy Update 20 August 2013