Federal Distance Education Portfolio

DETA Infographic - June 2016 -- This Infographic provides numerous facts regarding the Isolated Distance Education Classroom

DETA Survey Results -- The DETA survey was commissioned by ICPA Australia as a means to determine and examine the key factors that impact rural and remote families who do not have daily access to face to face schooling.

New Ambassador Gives Hope for New Crusade -- New Ambassador, Catherine Marriott will assist in ICPA's quest to achieve a Distance Education Teaching Allowance.

Rural Children need not be left behind -- Read about the implication lack of computer speed has on Distance Education and what the NBN might deliver.

Who completes this picture? -- Read about what it is like to run a remote schoolroom.

Distance Education Teaching Allowance -- An informative video with key representatives from organisations assisting to overcome the challenges undertaken in the distance education classroom. Filmed in part at the Isolated Children's Parents' Association Federal Conference held in Brisbane July 30/31, 2015.

Distance Education Resource Video -- While supporting our Distance Education Teaching Allowance (DETA) lobby, the aim of this video is to showcase distance education for families that have no daily access to face to face schooling due to location. This informative resource will help those outside this environment understand better how a typical distance education school day runs.