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19th June, 2016

Briefing Papers June 2016

This briefing paper identifies the major issues facing educating rural and remote children and covers:

  • Accessing affordable early childhood learning
  • Recognition of the financial impact on families who must provide a distance education tutor
  • Communication issues
  • Urgent financial assistance is required to overcome the unsustainable costs associated with accessing boarding school education
  • Financial assistance required to help with education costs during periods of long-term drought
  • Affordable pathways to accessing tertiary studies
Briefing Papers June 2016

19th June, 2016

Boarding Position Paper

ICPA requests that the Federal Government provide a significant increase in the AIC Basic Boarding Allowance for rural and remote families. Some boarding families also require a large increase in the AIC Additional Boarding Allowance, with consideration given to the allowance covering the full educational cost for these students as they have shown appropriate financial need. After these adjustments, the AIC allowance to be annually indexed to the CPI education sub-index.

Position Paper 2016 -- Boarding

19th June, 2016

Communications Position Paper

ICPA seeks to ensure, as the minimum standard of communications for rural and remote residents, services at a level at least equivalent to that available to the majority of urban residents.   Download the position paper to learn more.


Position Paper 2016 -- Communications

19th June, 2016

Distance Education Position Paper

ICPA requests that the Federal Government introduce a Distance Education Teaching Allowance in financial recognition of the essential work distance education tutors perform.

Position Paper 2016 -- Distance Education

19th June, 2016

Early Childhood Position Paper

This position paper covers:

  • Extending Assistance for Isolated Children's Scheme (AIC) to include Early Childhood Programs
  • Mobile Playgroups Services in rural and remote areas
  • Nanny Pilot Programme
  • InHome Care
Position Paper 2016 - Early Childhood

19th June, 2016

Rural Hardship Education Fund Position Paper

Geographically isolated children should not be disadvantaged or unable to attend their studies at boarding school due to ongoing long term droughts. Education expenses are an invesment for the future properity of all our rural and remote communities and ICPA (Aust) urges the Federal Government to assist rural families in educating children in these tough times.  Please download this document to learn more.

Position Paper 2016 -- Rural Hardship Education Fund

12th June, 2016

Specific Learning Needs Position Paper

This position paper covers:

  • Provision of Medicare rebate for telehealth services
  • Provision of additional resources to boarding schools for students with disability
  • Improved staff training for teachers in rural and remote locations
Position Paper 2016 - Specific Learning Needs

19th June, 2016

Tertiary Position Paper

ICPA requests that the Federal Government introduce a Tertiary Access Allowance as financial assistance to rural and remote students who must live away from home to access tertiary education.

The Tertiary Access Allowance advocated by ICPA will enable rural and remote students to access their place of study including securing their place of accommodation, assisting with relocation expenses, travelling to their institution for enrolment to commence study and facilitating travel home during the year.

Position Paper 2016 -- Tertiary

13th June, 2016

Do The Math Election Campaign

ICPA Do The Math Election Campaign June 2016