Federal Branch Bulletin 2016

25th April, 2016

Volume 13, Number 7: April 2016
The April Branch Bulletin contains important information about the upcoming Federal Conference, updates from the Boarding Schools Portfolio, Communications Portfolio, Tertiary Portfolio and also a quick overview of current media.

Fed Branch Bulletin April 2016

3rd September, 2016

Volume 14, Number 1: August 2016

In this edition of the Federal Branch Bulletin we cover a run down of the successful Federal Conference held in Perth, you can meet your new Federal Council, dates for upcoming state conferences, Telstra 2G closure, details regarding Expressions of Interest for a Conference Administrator and information you may not know on the AIC.

Fed Branch Bulletin August 2016

18th December, 2016

What was destined to be a small note to end the year and send our Christmas wishes, turned out to be quite an informative document with plenty to get you started for 2017.  Enjoy your last Federal Branch Bulletin for 2016.

Fed Branch Bulletin December 2016

19th February, 2016

Volume 13, Number 5: February 2016
Welcome to the first Federal Branch Bulletin for 2016. In this edition, there is an important request from the Boarding Portfolio and the Federal Treasurer, an update on Youth Allowance, initial information on this year’s Federal Conference and more!

Fed Branch Bulletin February 2016

7th July, 2016

Volume 13, Number 9: June 2016

The following topics are covered in this edition: 2016 Federal Election; Federal Conference in Perth in August; Positions vacant on council including Federal Treasurer. Can you help?; DETA Resource Video; ICPA 50th Anniversary is fast approaching. Can you help with collating a book?; NAPLAN online: Extended test window and Handwriting vs Keyboarding in schools.

Fed Branch Bulletin June 2016

25th April, 2016

Volume 13, Number 6: March 2016
Catch up on what your Federal Councillors have been doing in Canberra, download updated information regarding Motions presented at Federal Conference, find out about SPELD SA, access information on Telstra's unmetered sites for Distance Education students ... and more!

Fed Branch Bulletin March 2016

3rd June, 2016

Volume 13, Number 8: May 2016
The May Branch Bulletin has important information about the upcoming Federal Conference, updates from the Boarding Schools Portfolio, Communications Portfolio, the Nanny Pilot Program, In Home Care and information regarding Independent Youth Allowance eligibility for rural and remote students.

Fed Branch Bulletin May 2016

16th November, 2016

Volume 14, Number 3: November 2016

We are on the countdown to the end of 2016 and this month’s Branch Bulletin comes to you packed with helpful information to kick-start the new year. 

PLEASE remember memberships are now due.

Fed Branch Bulletin November 2016

12th October, 2016

Volume 14, Number 2: October 2016

Welcome to the October Federal Branch Bulletin, containing information about what Federal Council has been up to, 2017 membership reminder, vital tertiary update, the Ridley wet season block promotion and much more.

Fed Branch Bulletin October 2016