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These are formal responses to discussion papers compiled by ICPA on behalf of our membership.

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8th November, 2017

Remote and isolated locations in Australia provide the greatest challenges for improving provision of education options and pathways for children and families. Improving the educational outcomes for rural and remote students requires a national approach that ensures educational delivery of a consistent high standard no matter where the education is provided.

Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools

25th September, 2017

The Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association of Australia, ICPA (Aust), welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the Independent Review into Regional, Rural and Remote Education.

The direction which rural education must take is obvious if children living in rural and remote locations are to overcome the current educational inequities being experienced. Closing the rural and urban divide must be a priority focus for all children in our isolated communities, thus ensuring they have access to a continuing and appropriate education determined by their aspirations and abilities rather than the location of their home.

Download ICPA (Aust) Submission to the review to read about the three focus areas.

Submission Independent Review into Regional Rural and Remote Education 2017

29th August, 2017

ICPA Australia is pleased to lodge the following submission to the Department of Education & Training on the Review of the National Vocational Education & Training Regulator Act.

Submission to the VET Regulator Act August 2017

25th May, 2017

The Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association of Australia, ICPA (Aust), welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the Joint Standing Committee discussion on the National Broadband Network.

Fast, reliable and affordable internet connections are essential to our members, however for far too long people that live, work and are educated in the bush, have had to put up with a less than equitable situation with regard to their telecommunication needs.

NBN Submission March 2017

25th May, 2017

ICPA (Aust) supports the introduction of the Telecommunications Reform Package, which includes the Telecommunications (Regional Broadband Scheme) Charge Bill 2017 that would establish an effective funding arrangement towards the long-term costs of regional Australia's nbn satellite and fixed wireless services through contributions sourced from the nbn and networks comparable to the nbn.

Telecommunications Reform Package Submission Jan 2017

29th January, 2017

The Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association of Australia, ICPA (Aust), welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Productivity Commission’s (PC) Draft Report on the Telecommunications Universal Service Obligation (TUSO) (December 2016) with recommendations that will ensure the improvement of access to an equitable education for rural and remote students.

Submission to Productivity Commission's Draft Report Universal Service Obligation
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