Boarding Schools / School Term Hostels

For many families throughout rural and remote Australia, the decision to send their child to boarding school is a difficult one. ICPA has long compaigned for affordable access to an equitable education and the boarding school portfolio encompasses that.

The team that makes up this portfolio is Caroline Robinson (leader), Kate Thompson and Judy Sinclair Newton.


Caroline Robinson

Kate Thompson


Judy Sinclair Newton

Boarding School and School Term Hostels Reports to Federal conference.

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The Australian Boarder Parent Handbook

ICPA proudly endorses The Australian Boarder Parent Handbook. 

This book is essential for all those new to boarding as it covers everything that you could imagine that will crop up throughout this journey.  Author Dr Kate Hadwen has donated 100% of the books proceeds to ICPA and we thank Dr Hadwen for her generosity and support of our organisation.  To order please click here.







 19th July, 2016

The disparity between the Assistance for Isolated Children Scheme (AIC) Boarding Allowance and the actual cost of boarding children away from home for their schooling continues to grow.

This growing gap is impacting on the effectiveness of the allowance to 'help the families of students who are unable to attend an appropriate state school on a daily basis, mainly because of geographic isolation'.






19th July, 2016

Boarding School Access Research for Geographically Isolated Students -- Final Boarding School Survey ICPA (Aust) with Comments 2016

The survey was commissioned by the Federal Council of ICPA to determine and examine the key factors that impact rural and remote families who do not have daily access to face to face secondary schooling. The aim of the survey was to provide evidence from rural families highlighting the need for a substantial increase in the current rate of financial assistance for the families of 4572 students living in rural Australia who currently receive the AIC Basic Boarding Allowance.  

The survey was distributed electronically in February 2016 to 2329 member families of ICPA. Distribution was via email, containing a hyperlink to the online survey. Non-members were able to complete the survey advertised via social media. There were 1034 respondents to the survey.  

Download the survey results here.

8th February, 2016

Increase to AIC Briefing Paper 

ICPA requested the Federal Government to address the widening gap between the costs of attending boarding school and the current assistance available through the AIC Scheme. Learn more.