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Posted on September 2, 2015

Yesterday Federal Council received welcome news from Telstra Country Wide (TCW) which will see many educational sites unmetered. While these changes will not assist students using the Interim Satellite Service, Council will be working with service providers in the hope that they will follow the TCW lead.

Please read the following letter received from TCW.

Telstra is committed to listen, learn and respond as positively as possible to issues raised by the ICPA. In this day and age, the internet is a vital source for students and in a country the size of Australia, there are geographical, capacity and commercial realities why it’s not possible to provide the full range of broadband services in some regional and remote locations. What we can do is help families better manage their broadband allowances. From 1 September, Telstra will be un-metering a number of key Education websites for all BigPond and Telstra Mobile Broadband users.

This is on top of the 21 sites that are already unmetered. This was in response to a motion made at last year’s conference and following a visit by Andrew Coull and the Telstra Country Wide team to the Alpha region in Queensland where ICPA members and local families talked about what was most important to them.

To address one of the challenges regional and remote communities face in order to provide children with the best possible tools and support to further their education, Telstra is adding value to their broadband allowance through the un-metering of educational websites. These sites were identified with the ICPA and relevant Departments of Education. We may change sites from unmetered to metered at any time. Of course, as these are new unmetered sites, we don’t expect to make changes anytime soon.

Un-metering Terms & Conditions

On and from 1 September unless otherwise advised, a number of key education websites will be un-metered.

Some of the key sites include;

  • Queensland Department of Education and Training (e.g.,
  • WA Department of Education and Training (e.g.*)
  • SA Department for Education & Child Development (
  • Creative Generation (
  • Scootle Community (
  • Moodle (

When accessing these sites, Telstra Mobile Broadband users, as well as BigPond Broadband Members on ADSL, Cable or Mobile Broadband plans (excluding hourly plans), can access downloads, video streams and editorial content without affecting their monthly usage limit. Note that the un-metering does not apply to Telstra Satellite users.

Please note that un-metering won't apply if you're accessing the internet using International Roaming. Additionally, some elements of an unmetered site may be metered if they are sourced from other websites that are metered, including things such as advertisements, YouTube videos, Google maps or social media services. Every time you visit or refresh a page you will incur the download of that content.

Discounts on Antennae

We are also pleased to provide ICPA members with a discount for Telstra Mobile Smart Antennae and Yagi Antennae. ICPA members can call 132200 or go in store and place order as per normal. Once you have placed the order, you will get a follow up call, where you will need to proactively identify yourself as an ICPA member and provide an email copy of their Annual Membership receipt as proof of membership in order to receive the discount.

The following discounts apply for ICPA Members only:

  • Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna $50 discount.
  • Yagi Antenna $10 discount.
  • Combined order (TMSA + Yagi) $60 discount.

Kind regards
Libby Dalton
Executive Officer | Telstra Country Wide

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