ICPA lobbies for equity in education for rural and remote children from birth to tertiary with a team of Federal Councilors working on the various issues under specialist portfolios.

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Boarding/ Hostels/ Second Home

For many families throughout rural and remote Australia, the education of their children at a local state school is not an option.  In Queensland alone there are eight shires without a high school… Read more


Communication is an essential component of the life of a rural and remote student. Many can only access their education provider via satellite technology which is not a comparable service to what is available… Read more


The curriculum is always under review and being changed and it is extremely important that these changes and the structure of the curriculum is suited to the education of rural and remote children, especially… Read more

Distance Education

For many rural and remote children the only form of education available due to geographical location is via distance education. ICPA seeks a distance education service for Foundation to Year 12 for rural… Read more

Early Childhood, Education and Care

ICPA seeks to ensure that an appropriate and affordable range of early childhood programs and child care be available to support children and families who live in rural and remote areas. This includes… Read more

Rural Schools / School Travel

Rural and Remote locations in Australia provide the greatest challenges for improving provision of education options and pathways for children and families. Many children attend small schools with limited… Read more

Specific Education Needs

Children with specific education needs, whether that is a disability affecting education or a gifted child, need specific education suited to their needs. ICPA endeavours to ensure that these children… Read more

Tertiary Education

Engaging in a tertiary education at an institution of choice should be an option for all rural and remote students who have the ability, ambition, motivation and aspiration to pursue their goals regardless… Read more


Apprenticeships and Vocational Education and Training (VET) are pathways that many rural and remote students venture along. The Federal ICPA team looking after this portfolio is Sally Sullivan (portfolio… Read more