Communication is an essential component of the life of a rural and remote student. Many can only access their education provider via satellite technology which is not a comparable service to what is available in an urban setting. The Federal ICPA team looking after this portfolio is Kristen Coggan (portfolio leader), Sally Sullivan, Nikki Mahony and Wendy Hick.


 Kristen Coggan


Sally Sullivan


Nikki Mahony


Wendy Hick

Follow this link to view the current Communications Briefing Paper.


26 October, 2020

Important information regarding nbn Sky Muster Education Ports with thanks to BIRRRCLICK HERE

16 April, 2020

Australia's response to COVID19 (Coronavirus) has rapidly increased the demand for connectivity and Telstra is doing it's utmost keep their customers connected.  Follow this link for their latest update.

12 August, 2019

Sky Muster Plus Launch

The long-awaited launch of Sky Muster Plus is here! ICPA Australia welcomes the introduction of this new product, and believes it is a step towards better connectivity outcomes for rural, regional and remote students and their families.  Follow this link to read the ICPA Statement.

October 16 2018

Telstra has offered ICPA members discounts when purchasing Telstra signal boosters.
Follow this link to view details of this offer.

July 7 2018

Telstra Regional Australia (formerly Telstra Country Wide) have produced a document displaying their General Managers contact details from across Australia.
If ICPA members are experiencing issues with their Telstra service, and after reporting faults through the usual channels have not worked, the General Managers are there to help improve that process. Follow this link to view the document.

March 23 2018






June 27 2017

ICPA (Aust) celebrates a win for Rural Students & Families!  The Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association (ICPA) is applauding the latest announcement from nbn that the monthly data allowance for satellite customers will double. Read the ICPA media release here


nbn’s call centre (1800 687 626) is now providing basic network outage information to callers rather than referring them to their Retail Service Provider (RSP). End users can contact nbn via their official Facebook page

nbn™ Sky Muster Education Port is a dedicated port designed specifically for distance education, however future users could include health and emergency services. This service can be accessed via a dedicated port at the remote user’s home via Sky Muster™.


The Better Internet for Rural, Regional and Remote Australia (BIRRR) website contains information regarding the Education Port as well as information on all internet issues and is a very useful tool in trying to fathom the endless questions associated with using the internet in rural and remote areas.

Telstra Un-metered Site List 

In response to a motion made at the 2015 Federal ICPA conference and following a visit by Telstra to the Alpha region in Queensland, showcasing the challenges regional and remote communities face in order to provide children with the best possible tools and support to further their education, Telstra is adding value to their broadband allowance through the unmetering of a number of educational websites. To read more and download the list click here.

22 June 2017

Productivity Commission Fails Rural and Remote.  The Isolated Children's Parents Association is extremely disappointed that the final Report by the Productivity Commission into the Telecommunications USO has failed to address the importance of a fixed landline for many residents in rural Australia.  Read the ICPA media release here

10 March 2017

Following on from the 2016 Federal Conference, the Communications Portfolio has been extremely busy following up on delegates motions. To view the report Click here

March 2017

Fast, reliable and affordable internet connections are essential to our members, however for far too long people that live, work and are educated in the bush, have had to put up with a less than equitable situation with regard to their telecommunication needs.

The Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association of Australia, ICPA (Aust), welcomed the opportunity to contribute to the Joint Standing Committee discussion on the National Broadband Network with the following submission.

January 2017

ICPA (Aust) supports the introduction of the Telecommunications Reform Package, which includes the Telecommunications (Regional Broadband Scheme) Charge Bill 2017 that would establish an effective funding arrangement towards the long-term costs of regional Australia's nbn satellite and fixed wireless services through contributions sourced from the nbn and networks comparable to the nbn. Read the letter here.

The Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association of Australia, ICPA (Aust), also welcomed the opportunity to respond to the Productivity Commission’s (PC) Draft Report on the Telecommunications Universal Service Obligation (TUSO) (December 2016) with recommendations that will ensure the improvement of access to an equitable education for rural and remote students.  Read the submission here.

November 2016

The Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association of Australia, ICPA (Aust), welcomed the opportunity to contribute to the ACCC Domestic Mobile Roaming Declaration Inquiry discussion paper by writing a submission to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Into the Domestic Mobile Roaming Declaration Inquiry.  Read the submission here.

6 October 2016

Skymuster 2 has successfully been launched today which will "provide additional capacity and support for the first satellite, Sky Muster, which launched in October last year". Congratulations to NBN Australia on this success and rural and remote Australia looks forward to the delivery of fast, reliable broadband to all Australians, regardless of where they live.

Joanna Gibson attended the ACCAN (Australian Communications Consumer Action Network) National Conference in Sydney.

The communications reports presented at past Federal ICPA conferences can be downloaded. Click on the year you wish to read. 2020 Report 2019 Report2018 Report  2017 Report

To view other submissions that ICPA Aust has made regarding communications click here.