The curriculum is always under review and being changed and it is extremely important that these changes and the structure of the curriculum is suited to the education of rural and remote children, especially those that are completing their studies via distance education.

The Federal ICPA team looking after this portfolio is Wendy Hick (portfolio leader), Alana Moller and Briony Sinclair.

Wendy Hick


Alana Moller


Briony Sinclair

Federal Council has represented members as a major stakeholder at Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authority (ACARA) meeting for many years. Our Curriculum Leader, Wendy Hick attends quarterly teleconference which allows Federal Council to have input into discussions as well as hear firsthand the plans for the future and the latest developments.

ACARA April month in review with a focus on the range of resources available through us, and others, for parents and carers with school aged kids at home, as well as the cancellation of NAPLAN can be found here.

Follow this link to view the Curriculum Update dated March 2018

Curriculum Reports presented at Federal Conference

2019 Curriculum Report, 2018 Curriculum Report,  2017 Curriculum Report