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ICPA lobbies for equity in education for rural and remote children from birth to tertiary with a team of Federal Councilors working on the various issues under specialist portfolios.

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Boarding, Communications, Curriculum, Distance Education, Early Childhood, Rural Schools, Specific Education NeedsTertiary and Training.


nbn™ Sky Muster Education Port


Late in 2015 the Federal Government set nbn™ the task of developing a dedicated port for education for use with the new nbn™ Sky Muster™ Satellite.

nbn™ have worked with State and Territory education departments to develop the ‘Educational Port’  which can be accessed via a dedicated port at the remote user’s home via Sky Muster™. This port has been designed specifically for distance education however future uses could include health and emergency services. You can read more about the announcement here.

Thank you to BIRRR for such a detailed article regarding the nbn Sky Muster Educational Port. While details of the process are yet to be finalised as each state is different, this article is a great start and will explain how the system is intended to work. ICPA members who have children studying via Distance Education, please take note as this is very relevant to you

Telstra Un-metered Site List 

In response to a motion made at the 2015 Federal ICPA conference and following a visit by Telstra to the Alpha region in Queensland, showcasing the challenges regional and remote communities face in order to provide children with the best possible tools and support to further their education, Telstra is adding value to their broadband allowance through the unmetering of a number of educational websites. These sites are in addition to those already unmetered as listed on Telstra.com.

Customers do not need to do anything to qualify for un-metering. When accessing the below sites, Telstra mobile broadband users, as well as BigPond Broadband Members on ADSL, Cable or Mobile Broadband plans (excluding hourly plans), can access downloads, video streams and editorial content without affecting their monthly usage limits. The unmetering does not apply to Telstra satellite or NBN uses.

Please note that unmetering won't apply if you're accessing the Internet using international roaming. Additionally some elements of unmeted sites may be metered if they are sourced from other websites that are metered, including things such as advertisements, YouTube videos, Google maps or social media services. Every time you visit or refresh a page you will incur the download of that content.

Download the Telstra un-metered site list