Membership Renewal

An ICPA member can renew their membership two ways - via their branch treasurer or via PayPal using the online payment system.

The ICPA membership year is from 1st January to 31st December. 

Membership through a Branch

A member can pay their annual membership directly to the treasurer of the branch they are a member of or wish to join.  This can be paid by cash, cheque or direct deposit into their branch’s bank account.

Membership through the online payment system

A renewing member can pay their annual membership through the online payment system and can pay via the PayPal gateway either by credit card, debit card or their PayPal account.

Members can only renew their membership by logging on through the main website as this is where the database is maintained.

If a member goes to log on through their State website they will see an information box above the login box which will inform them they need to log onto the Federal website to renew their membership or update their membership details.

If a member is already logged onto their state website then clicks on the renew membership link on their login bar they will arrive at a page which will inform them they need to log into the Federal website.  Each state website and the federal website are stand-a-lone websites and you are required to log into each if you want to access a member’s only document on each website.

Once they reach the login page and a member has forgotten their password then they can click on “forgot password” and an email will be sent to their log-in email with instructions on how to change their password.

If a member types in their email address (which is their username) and it comes up with an error then they need to contact so their email can be updated on the database.

Once a member logs in they will see the following:


Click on “Renew Membership” and a new page will appear.

Only ordinary members can renew their membership online.  Any other forms of membership such as Life Members, Friends of WA or ICPA Corporate members can only be renewed manually and the relevant treasurers will be in contact with the people and branches involved. More information about this can be found via the link on the page also.

By using this form you are agreeing with the Federal and State Constitutions and By-Laws and these can be accessed by the link on the page.

The form is pre-filled by the information on the database and if there are errors you can update this information during this renewal of membership process. 

If you have changed address or you wish to change your Branch membership, this can be updated through the dropdown menus. Likewise if your membership has changed from Family or Single this can be updated through the dropdown menu also. 

All boxes with an asterisk have to be filled in.

Your current email, which is your login ID, will be displayed and you can update it now and you must confirm email to proceed. Even if your email has come from the database and is correct you must confirm your email before proceeding. This is to hopefully eliminate errors on the database.


Underneath the membership details is a section for Branch Donations.  As stated on the form this is optional and allows a member to place an amount in here which they would like to donate to their branch.

Branch donations utilising the online payment system can only be made at the time of renewing your membership or joining the branch.  Donations can also be given to the branch at any time by contacting the branch treasurer.

Once this form is filled out then you click on “continue” for the next page which is a review of your personal details and your affiliation fees.  Please continue following the prompts.

When you receive your receipt from ICPA please read the information within the email in case there is some additional information required by your branch.

renew my icpa membership



If you would like to join ICPA please click on the link below.  The process described above is the same but you will need to pick the branch you would like to join.  Please do not worry if you have picked the wrong branch as this can be changed manually at a later date.

join ICpa